This bridal portrait and wedding inspiration shoot was borne from the words of William Butler Yeats in his poem "Cap and Bells" and the golden light of dusk as it warms the Blue Ridge Mountains at close of day. 

She laid them upon her bosom,
Under a cloud of her hair,
And her red lips sang them a love-song   
Till stars grew out of the air.

She opened her door and her window,   
And the heart and the soul came through,   
To her right hand came the red one,   
To her left hand came the blue.

They set up a noise like crickets,   
A chattering wise and sweet,   
And her hair was a folded flower   
And the quiet of love in her feet.

This shoot was featured on Grey Likes Weddings.

Creative Direction, Styling, and Floral Design: Mallory Joyce | Photography: Elisa Bricker | Hair & Makeup: Ave 42 | Gowns: Gossamer Vintage | Paper Suite: Julie Song Ink | Jewelry: Kira Kira | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic