image by  Lucy O Photo

image by Lucy O Photo

December snuck up on all of us this year, didn't it? We had a really sweet Thanksgiving with my extended family, and we even got to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday.  He was so surprised! He regaled us with stories of WWII and his time as a missionary in Africa. He's been a professor, anthropologist, janitor, church leader, army veteran, husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. There's a lot of life in 90 years. It made me realize I don't know enough about it. We live so far away. I want to write all these stories down and preserve them somehow. Have any of you done this with your families? I'd love to know.  And now for some December goals.

December goals

- Spend time with these daily advent readings (bonus, it's a free downloadable!)
- Find thoughtful gifts from small businesses (and not just default to the big box guys)
- Come up with a giving plan in addition to our regular December church giving (Emily has some great thoughts on this)
- Send out our annual Christmas card (thank you, Nancy Ray, for our photo!)
- Bake cookies for our neighbors and wrap them up pretty
- Make steps toward getting my business accounting in order 
- Find the quiet (we have lots of holiday parties to attend this year - which I love - but I also want to find intentional time at home with just Michael, the light of our Christmas tree, a glass of wine, and the feeling of peace that comes with the season)
- Sing Christmas songs. Loudly. And often.

What puts you in the Christmas spirit?  For me, oddly enough, it's listening to the Little Women soundtrack.  I think because the best parts of the movie happen at Christmas.  Have you listened to it?  It's really lovely.


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