Mallory Joyce Wedding Bouquet

This fall I partnered with Stephanie Fishwick on a Calligraphy & Watercolor Workshop in Charlottesville, Virginia. Corbin Gurkin flew in to take all the photos. It was such a dream team - I love working with these women and feel like I learn something new each time. Steph is an amazing artist and provided tools of the trade and hands-on instruction to our group of attendees. I styled each calligrapher's materials and place setting and created a few different floral still lifes for the attendees to watercolor. The vignettes were each uniquely inspired, sometimes stemming from a single object that caught my attention and begged to be fleshed out in its own little frame. I really enjoyed this creative process. And I now have so much more respect for all you calligraphers out there! It's incredibly difficult and you all make is seem so effortless.

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