I turned 27 this month! As I enter my "late" twenties (I've been told I am now in my late, not mid, twenties, but come on! I want one more year of the mid's!), I feel like I can say I know some things - about myself, my work, my strengths - and I can also say I know more about the person who I want to be. Someone who slows down to garden on the weekend, knows her neighbors, is adventurous, seeks good for others, is a loyal friend, a passionate wife, and a faithful steward. I read this great post by Emily, who also just turned 27, of 60 things she'd like to do before 30. And I don't think she'd mind that I borrowed the idea. So here are some of my ideas. 

1. Plant a vegetable and herb garden. (Done. 4.5.14)
2. Participate in our neighborhood garden workdays. (Done. 4.5.14, hoping to continue)
3. Plant a cut flower bed.
4. Make our front porch comfortable and inviting. (Done. We added hanging ferns, a potted rose tree and porch furniture! 5.14.14)
5. Host a neighborhood summer cookout.
6. Cultivate a regular creative writing practice.
7. Write a short story.
8. Plan a sisters' weekend getaway.
9. Order business cards.
10. Plan a trip to Europe with Michael (Done! Greece Fall 2014)
11. Eat Whole 30 for 2 weeks (maybe annually?) - Elisa has a great Whole 30 guide.
12. Order an album of our wedding photos.
13. Create a smart and beautiful storage plan for our master bathroom.
14. Find a ministry to regularly serve in at church.
15. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary! (Done. Went to Clifton Inn. It was romantic and delicious.)
16. Celebrate our 4th anniversary!
17. Celebrate our 5th anniversary!
18. Go camping with a group of friends. (Done. 5.16.14 at Loft Mountain)
19. Train for and run another half-marathon.
20. Give away as much as we spend on Christmas.
21. Attend a floral design workshop. (Done. Flowerwild Workshop 4.14-16.14)
22. Create a scrapbook system for Christmas cards, keepsakes, etc. (any suggestions here? Everything I've seen is just so cheesy. Scrapbook for the non-scrapbooker?)
23. Take a calligraphy class (for left-handers!)
24. Memorize a book of the Bible.
25. Plan a destination wedding.
26. Learn to make 10 delicious, healthy meals so we always have go-tos.
27. Take another crazy, spontaneous trip (remember sailing in the BVIs?).
28. Learn the ins and outs of our finances. Take over paying the bills.
29. Download photos and documents from old computers to a hard drive and recycle old computers. 
30. Organize home office. Establish filing system.
31. Send a family member flowers out of the blue.
32. Get a bike and use it around town. (Done. 4.19.14)
33. Set aside money to use on someone unexpectedly and extravagantly.
34. Implement a give-back program where a percentage of wedding services goes to an organization I support.
35. Wake up earlier. Establish a morning routine that energizes me.
36. Find a strength training or yoga buddy and stick to a routine with them.
37. Plan a fun surprise date for Michael.
38. Go on an overnight backpacking trip.
39. Visit my grandparents without my parents.
40. Take Michael to his first Broadway production.
41. Explore part of California.
42. Bring back supper club.
43. Build out the Mallory Joyce bridal experience.
44. Have a family portrait taken at our family cottage in Door County.
45. Make some silk knotted jewelry.
46. Buy a headboard for our bed.
47. Go skiing out West again.
48. Collaborate with a photographer with whom I haven't worked yet on a styled shoot.
49. Continue to fund our IRA.
50. Weed through clothes, shoes, and the basement and have a garage sale.
51. Make a will.
52. Read at least 3 business books per year.
53. Invest in a piece of art we love.
54. Use my camera (not just my iPhone!) to document vacations.
55. Write down as much family history as I can.
56. Find an older couple to mentor us.
57. Mentor someone.
58. Give up chocolate for a month.
59. Learn how to make a handful of cocktails and have ingredients on hand.
60. Pray with Michael more regularly.

Whew! I'm not sure if I'll be able to accomplish all of these, but I do believe in the power of writing things down. So tell me, do you have a list? Leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out! Anything I should definitely add?