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On New Year's, Michael and I were toasting and I asked him what we were toasting to. What did we want this coming year to be about? I tend to ask these questions a lot, and Michael is good to humor me. But after I sat there, gazing out into the unknown, dreaming of various things aloud (the year of learning to cook five-star meals! the year of always looking fabulous! the year of becoming powerful business mavens! the year of mastering all things outdoorsy!), Michael, exasperated, said "Here's to a year of getting things done!" Then he clinked his glass to mine - I, sitting there, the dreaminess in my eyes quickly evaporating -  and gulped down the last of the champagne. This is, in some ways, our relationship to a T. I love it. And sometimes hate it. But mostly love it. We balance each other, I guess. It's something I've come to really and truly be grateful for.
Anyway, about half way through this year, we started to realize we actually weren't getting a ton done. We got some things done (see my 60 before 30 list) but not everything we'd hoped. So, what did we do, you ask? We looked at our list and we picked something and... We booked a trip to Greece!!! I'm so excited. We have been wanting to travel abroad together, just the two of us, since our honeymoon three years ago. And both of us think Greece will be the perfect mix of relaxing, soaking up the beauty of a new place, and exploring museums/ historical landmarks.
After we booked the trip, we poured two glasses of champagne and Michael cheered, "To following through!" I love that.
So I've rounded up a few favorites as I've been thinking about what to pack. The blues and whites of Santorini (where we plan to spend a good chunk of the trip) are insane. I feel like I should match while I'm there, right? Also, have you read Alain de Botton? Genius. I love him. Can't wait to pick up his book on travel. 
Have you been to Greece? What should we do? Eat? See? 

packing for greece