Cottage Hill Magazine asked me to create some Thanksgiving inspiration for couples looking to entertain in their apartment or small space. We shot in my friends Maddy and Sam's (newlyweds!) apartment, my husband made cocktails, I set the table, and we cooked dinner together. I really loved the simplicity of this table design and the slightly unique-for-Thanksgiving color palette. Cottage Hill is a favorite of mine, not only because they feature beautiful images, but also because they focus on the stories and meaning behind those images. Thanksgiving is about the food and the tablescape (my favorite, of course) but it's mostly about family, friends, and reflecting on all we have to be grateful for. Thanks, Cottage Hill, for sharing that sentiment!

Creative Direction and Florals: Mallory Joyce | Photography: Ashley Cox | Tabletop, Apron, and Wall Hangings: Roxie Daisy | Paper: Amy Stone | Pie: Arley Cakes

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