About a year ago, I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with some of my best industry friends on a styled shoot - Eric Kelley Photography, Lora Kelley, Caleb and Josh from East West Production, Stephanie Fishwick, Karen from Roxie Daisy, Joey Kennedy, and Stepha O'Brien at Verulam Farm. The images that came out of these two days are still some of my very favorites. Besides creating, my favorite thing about my job is working with inspiring people. This team was the best.

I wanted to share this behind the scenes video by East West Productions (even though I look a bit disheveled... note to self, next time there are cameras around, do your hair and makeup and put on some proper clothes! But c'est la vie, life is not always glamorous) so you can see what goes into a shoot like this. Each frame is meticulously styled and detailed - in some of the shots you can see all of us looking, adjusting, tweaking, all trying to compose that perfect frame. Eric and Caleb are looking at light and posing, Lora and I are looking at the overall shapes and lines as well as the minute details like how ribbons are laying or if the model's hands are in the right position. It's a lot to think about and we try to do the same thing on a real wedding day. The timeline on a real wedding day is much shorter, of course, and that's, in part, why styled shoots are so helpful - you can train your eye, practice, and try out new things so you're more efficient on a real wedding day! The shoot was published on Once Wed and in Weddings Unveiled Magazine.

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