Photos of our maternity session by the lovely and talented Laura Gordon, hair by Brianna Adams, makeup by Anna Breeding

Photos of our maternity session by the lovely and talented Laura Gordon, hair by Brianna Adams, makeup by Anna Breeding

Thank you for all your kind responses to my last post about the beginning of my pregnancy journey. Since we're still waiting on babe (Her due date is tomorrow! I keep wondering if she'll be late like I tend to be in life or if she'll be like her dad and arrive perfectly prompt), I thought I'd share more about the second and third trimester.

Thankfully, around week 17 or so, the nausea abated and I became a normal person again. I had a wonderful (Hi, Meg!!) wedding that weekend and I remember feeling great. I didn't think anything of it until I got home late that night and realized I'd felt great all day! Praises. What's also wonderful about the second trimester is that I finally felt the baby move around week 21. The cliches are all true - it's awesome, like nothing I've ever experienced. I think feeling her move inside my belly is the thing I'll miss most about being pregnant. We also found out the gender (a girl)!! I could NOT believe it! Definitely thought I was having a boy. And we made a cute, short video to the tune of Beyonce's "Who Run the World (GIRLS!)" to tell our family and friends, and if you follow my personal Instagram, you got to see it too. 

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Aside from some insomnia and joint pain, the second and third trimesters have been pretty smooth sailing. I'd say one of the biggest challenges has been deciding on her name (and we are still somewhat undecided)! Michael loves traditional, family names and I love unique, rare, even out-of-the-box names. The way we think about names is pretty representative of our personalities actually. We've had to learn how to hear each other. Now, I think we have almost settled on a name we both love that somehow fits all the criteria. We've kept it a secret between the two of us which has also been fun. So many people have told us that when she's born 'you'll just know' but I have a hard time buying that! Do some babies really just look like a Jane or a John? I'll let you know!

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Second and third trimester favorite things!

mallory joyce pregnancy favorites

- Prenatal yoga. We are so lucky here in Charlottesville in that we have Bend Yoga which is a studio that specializes in prenatal and children's yoga. If you're in Charlottesville, this is my top recommendation to you! Kelly, the instructor for Mamaste (the prenatal yoga class) and owner, is not only a skilled yogi but also a doula, so she knows her stuff. I love that every class begins with a 'check-in' where each woman gets to talk about what's been going on in her pregnancy that week. It's really nice to talk to other people who are going through the same things and are able to commiserate when, say, you really need to complain for the 100th time about your knee pain waking you up in the middle of the night for hours. Also, toward the end, you are just uncomfortable. Most of the time. Yoga helps. A lot. 

Storq basics. Mommas to be, listen up - get yourself to the Storq website right now and do yourself a favor and purchase the basics bundle. These clothes were hands down my favorite things to wear day in and day out throughout pregnancy. The bundle comes with a white tank, black leggings, black skirt, and black short-sleeved dress - all are super comfortable, extremely soft and great for layering. Seriously SO worth the price. I did not invest in a lot of maternity clothes (in my opinion, there is still a lot be desired in fresh, fashionable, affordable maternity clothing) but the few things I did buy, I I went for the quality stuff. Storq is it. Trust me. 

- New Balance sneakers. As previously mentioned, I had the worst knee pain from the middle of my second trimester until just a few weeks ago. I've had knee pain before when I was running a lot and apparently the extra weight of pregnancy plus the increased relaxin my body was producing meant my knees would kill me by the end of the day. The only thing that really helped was spending time each night with my legs up the wall and switching to sneakers. I had been wanting some cute ones anyway but I now wear these New Balances every single day and love them!

- Books. As I mentioned before, I'm one of those people who likes to know more than I need to know, so I ate up all the books people recommended me. My top favorites from the end of pregnancy were The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (this is a monster of a book and definitely is more of the La Leche League philosophy as opposed to Babywise but I found it really informative!), On Becoming Babywise (we are hoping to follow this book when it comes to sleeping and feeding), The Birth Partner (Michael actually read more of this than I did), Moms on Call.

- Eurospa Pure Eucalyptus Shower Mist. Earlier in my third trimester, we went to a spa and they had this in the showers. It is HEAVEN. I immediately ordered some on Amazon. During my second and third trimesters, the shower became my little haven. If my body was feeling achey or uncomfortable or my hormones were sending my emotions into overdrive, I would get in the shower with a few sprays of this stuff and just relax and breathe it all away. One of our natural labor techniques is to get in the shower and I thought this spray would be great for that too - we'll see!

- Carrots. So weird but I craved carrots like crazy toward the end. My taste for lemonade and sour candy never really dissipated but carrots were a new thing. Also weird - if I could eat leather, I would. The smell is so intoxicating to me! 

- Crushed ice. All during the last trimester, I craved crushed ice like crazy. I posted about this on Instagram and many of you chimed in that it could be a sign of anemia! Thankfully, my doc had already checked me out and ruled that I was only slightly iron deficient, so I've been taking a gentle iron supplement and eating crushed ice like it's my job. Also, if any of you pregos also crave crushed ice, there is a website dedicated to the best crushed ice at fast food places - no joke! Personally, I think Chick Fil A wins.

- Blogs. Lucie's List (a blog about pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising with great product reviews, informative articles, and candid stories all with a healthy dose of humor), The MamaNotes (I loved the birth stories and I love Caitlin's style)

- BabyList. We used this site for our registry and it was so easy to set up - you can pull from any source and BabyList will even suggest other sources that people can find items (sometimes for cheaper). They also have suggestions and reviews of products which I found helpful. 

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That's it for now! I'd love to hear if you found any of this helpful or entertaining. And thank you again for all your support and prayers as we wait on this little one.