beauty speaks to us - about who we are and who we ideally want to be.

There is something richly powerful in the work of aesthetics.  The way candlelight glows, how a gown is draped, the textures of linens, the delicacy of florals - all building toward a crescendo of a story - your story.  We want these moments to shelter us, to remind us of home, to embrace us, to point us toward something greater.  We long to get lost in them, fully enveloped in the intricate dance of color, light, mood, music, and the ones we love. 

 I have the privilege of creating these moments with you. 

My Role

Whether you're looking for full-service event styling, creative consultation, or just floral design, I'll meet with you to learn your story, discuss your vision, and create a customized proposal for your event.  We'll start with some broad inspiration - words, colors, textures, and images - and pare it down to a storyboard that feels elegant, simple, and you

The magic happens in the details, and details are my passion.  My role as stylist is to find (and sometimes create) the pieces that make up the spaces, attire, and tabletop.  It's more than just decor - I'll think through lines and shape, how the organic will play into the manmade, how the objects we choose speak to your history, your loves, and your future hope. 

About Mallory

I find solace in books and inspiration in nature.  My very favorite place on earth is my grandparents' cottage on the lake in Door County, Wisconsin. I'm an idealist and a romantic, a woman of faith, and a student of creativity. I like to work with my hands. I believe family history and tradition are of utmost importance.  I easily get lost in epic stories and Broadway productions.  I never turn down chocolate. I'm a sucker for surprises, front porches, new places, barefoot living, and getting dressed up.  I can't imagine life without my husband.